dbx-tv is evolving into Total Sonics!!
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Audio Processing delivers the best possible sound from any consumer device
Full, natural sound
Clear dialog with an enveloping soundstage
Freedom from unwanted volume spikes
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What is Total Sonics?

Total Sonics is custom-tuned for each unique combination of driver, amplifier, and cabinet to deliver great sound quality from products of any size, from cell phones to subwoofers.

The award-winning Total Sonics suite combines innovative algorithms to enhance audio experiences:

Sound Field Expansion

Creates a virtual surround-sound experience from just two or more speakers

Ensures the ideal balance between dialog and effects from any content


Automatic Loudness Control

Prevents annoying volume spikes from too-loud commercials, changing inputs or switching programs

Ensures a distortion-free experience with precise multi-band dynamic range control

Total-Sonics-Web-Image Small Speaker Enhancement

Small Speaker Enhancement

Sophisticated dynamic equalization optimizes low-frequency output without overload or distortion

Total Bass™ psychoacoustic processing extends perceived response beyond physical possibility


Dedicated Subwoofer Optimization

Coaxes deeper, fuller sound from products with small integrated subwoofers

Calibrates and controls full-sized subwoofers for powerful yet smooth bass